UStream4less is a wireless promoter, based in Oklahoma, who supports organizations with unlimited *** internet service, affordable hotspots, cheap wifi, and residential Internet opportunities whether you live in the metro, a suburb or rural areas.


This website is dedicated to providing fundraising opportunities to our clients who have contracts with Verizon a world leader in Data services.  The services and products offered under the "Products" section of this website are real and YES they are for Unlimited*** and  4G LTE data for $50 per month.  NO CONTRACTS and FREE DEVICES!

Whether you need an inexpensive data solution for home, the family vehicle, for your business/office or just as a main data back-up.  There is an unlimited*** solution here for you for $50 per month, no strings attached.

More than likely you found us by an ad or flyer sent to you by a Non-Profit such as a school or city office.  A significant portion of every subscription goes back to support the organization you choose to support.  If you have any questions or your organization would like to become a part of this opportunity, please contact us and we will be happy to assist you.

Thanks for checking us out,
UStream4Less Team

***After 25GB of usage, Verizon Wireless may slow data speeds.


Note: UStream4Less is a billing management and custom product promotion company strictly for Non-Profit and Government Agencies and is NOT a Data service provider.UStream4Less has no role in the contract between Verizon and the Non-Profits or Government Agencies offering these great opportunities.