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UStream4Less is a company that was created out of a need for an Oklahoma Public School Foundation.  The opportunity was that Verizon Wireless informed them that they could offer the services and devices  they provide them as a non-profit to others in their community as a fund raising opportunity with no strings attached.  The foundation was very excited about this opportunity but the excitment turned into cautious hesitation after talking about the huge potential, meaning what happens when 1,000 people signed up for this, how were they going to fascilitate the billing, promotion and customer service with their very small staff without taking away from their other responsibilities.  


Out of this, UStream4Less was born, a billing management and promotion company that creates a turn key solution for not only this organization but any non-profit or government agency.  We facilitate the opportunity for these agencies to provide great deals not readily available to the everyday citizen and create extra revenue for their missions through our customized turn key mediums.  


If you have any questions about this site or you are a organization that wants to be a part of this great customized opportunity feel free to reach out to us.  Our contact information is list under the "Contact Us" tab at the top of this page.



UStream4Less Team