Can I change the name of the LTE Modem so I can recognize it easier?

Yes you can change the name of the device. You have to connect your phone or tablet to the device first. Then you can open up a browser window and type the following URL Address in http://VerizonBRV . This will bring you to a portal to your device. You will need to put your password in the main screen to gain access. Then you should go to “Settings” on the left and select that option. Then go to the “Wifi” tab. Here you can change the name of the device, password and many other settings. Make sure and save your changes at the bottom of the screen before you leave the screen.

I see a Ethernet, Phone and Antenna Ports on the back of the LTE Modem, what are these used for?

There are 3 Ethernet Ports that allow you to plug in your device directly to modem. The phone jacks cannot be used with this model and internet plan you have on your modem. Last there are two antenna connection that can be used to boost your signal in certain areas.

Do I have a mobile number associated with my LTE Modem?

Yes you do. You can see that number in the “About” category on your LTE Modem.

How do I charge my LTE Modem?

The Modem comes with a wall charger. For the internet to work the device must be plugged into a wall unit.

How do I connect my phone/computer/tablet to the LTE Modem?

Go to the category / Wi-Fi Name/Password. Hit the checkmark and you will see the name of the device and the password. Look for that device name on your device and enter the password when prompted and your device will be connected. Once you connect your device once the device should remember the password and connect you automatically in the future.

My device display turns off too fast , can I change this?

Yes you can change this as well. You have to connect your phone or tablet to the device first. Then you can open up your LTE Modem portal by typing the following URL Address in http://VerizonBRV and instructions from the answer above. Go to the “Device” tab first then the “Preferences” tab. Scroll down and you can change the “Turn off Display” category to 5 minutes if you like.

I cannot remember my password, what can I do?

You can reset the device, by taking of the battery cover and get a paperclip and depress the reset button and hold it for 10 seconds and the device will return to factory settings.

How do I turn on my LTE Modem

Plug in the unit and it will power up. To turn on and off the unit there is a Blue Power button on the front of the unit. . Depress this button to turn the unit on and off.

My Screen is black when I look at the device.

The device goes dormant after not being in use. Push the “checkmark” button at the bottom right of the unit.

When will my data speeds be slowed?

Under this plan you will not see a slowing of your data speeds.

How many devices can I connect to the LTE Modem?

You can connect up to 10 devices wirelessly to your LTE Modem and 3 “Hardwired” through the Ethernet ports in the back of the device.

How do I access the information/categories on my LTE Modem?

Make sure the modem is on. At the bottom of the unit you will see two arrows and a checkmark. Hit the checkmark to wake the unit, then hit the checkmark again to bring up the categories. Then move left and right with arrows and hit the checkmark to enter the category.